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At first everybody thought it was a joke, but then he began to sing

When this competitor stepped onto the stage, no one knew exactly what to expect from him. With his nonconformist attitude and clothing, he seemed rather like a rap singer; however, from the moment he started singing, the audience was amazed by his vocal qualities.


Svetozar Hristov‘s appearance on the stage of the X-Factor in Bulgaria created a moment of confusion and amusement. He showed up in front of the jury with a nonchalance and joy on his face that immediately raised eyebrows.

The 34 year old singer, originally from Stara Zagora, began the performance with combing his beard, a gesture that amused the audience. He went on to present the latest “failures” in music, which seemed to confuse everyone.

Svetozar looks rather like a street person and, in the words of one of the jury members, he resembles Hristo Botev, but his voice would make any singer of classical music jealous. When he went on interpreting the well- known “Nessun Dorma” by Giacomo Puccini, he received a huge applause and ovation from the public and won four votes of YES from the jury.

Despite the fact that he had never interpreted a song of this genre before, Svetozar Hristov performed the final act of the opera by Turandot wonderfully.