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Fermented bran (borscht), a miracle remedy to cure the most severe illnesses

Fermented bran juice is usually used in borscht soup to give it a sour taste. It is less known that it also has many therapeutic properties. Because it is obtained from ground wheat, borscht contains vitamins B and C, minerals, essential amino-acids and carbohydrates.

Borscht is a natural product that is very rich in enzymes. Nutritionists recommend borscht cure to reinvigorate the whole body.

If you wish to become fit, drink a cup of borscht 15 minutes before each main meal for 20 days. After a pause of seven days, you may repeat the cure.

Borscht is also known for its still unexplained property to sober up a drunken person. Also, it is unique in that it eliminates all symptoms of alcohol intoxication including hangover.

Borscht is also a perfect solution to treat chronic respiratory illnesses such as bronchitis, asthma, sinusitis and tuberculosis as well as alcoholism, indigestion, nausea and chronic fatigue.

Borscht is also known to benefit the liver, the gallbladder and the colon. It cleans the kidneys, treats urinary infections, prevents colon cancer and invigorates the functioning of internal organs.

A detoxifying borscht cure should last for two weeks, during which the patient should drink one cup of borscht 15 minutes before main meals every day.

Borscht prevents heart attack and makes the heart healthier

Borscht is known for its property to reduce blood pressure as well as cholesterol and glycemic levels.

Nutritionists consider borscht an excellent remedy for a person suffering from a cardiovascular disease such as myocardial heart failure, arterial hypertension and so on.

Fermented bran (borscht), a miracle remedy to cure the most severe illnesses

Borscht is also recommended in treating chronic respiratory illnesses such as bronchitis, asthma and sinusitis.

Drink 2 cups of borscht every day to speed up the healing process of the above-mentioned illnesses and also to prevent relapses. Have a three-week borscht cure during which you drink a cup of borscht half an hour before main meals.

A great help in tuberculosis

It may seem strange, but borscht is also helpful for persons suffering from tuberculosis. Drink a liter of borscht on an empty stomach distributed before the main meals. It seems that some of the active substances in borscht block the development of bacteria that cause tuberculosis.


To sober up a drunken person, administer ¼ to ½ liter of borscht in one dose. The next day borscht will be useful in fighting the symptoms of hangover such as nausea, dizziness, headaches, tremors and so on. It has been noted that those who drink borscht daily don’t feel the need to drink alcohol.

In case of chronic fatigue drink ¼ to ½ liter of borscht daily to reinvigorate the body and the nervous system.