Famous people photographed with Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Elizabeth II (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor by her full name, London, 1926. április 21. –) is the Queen of Great Britain’s and Ireland’s United Kingdom, as well as the ruler of the Commonwealth countries and the head of the Anglican Church since February the 6th 1952. Elizabeth was traveling in Kenya in February 1952 when her husband, Prince Philip announced her that he father, the 56 year old George VI had died. This is how the 25 year old princess became the Queen of Great Britain.


The Queen, now 87, is the fourth longest ruling monarch in Europe’s history. 61 years ago, according to the thousand-year old tradition, the Canterbury Archbishop crowned her in the Westminster Abbey; over eight thousand guests witnessed the ceremony. Always wearing a royal smile, Elizabeth II visited 116 countries of the world, survived the wavering popularity of the royal family, and, after over 60 years of her rule, four fifths of the British citizens are still supporters of the Queen and the monarchy.

The 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s rule was celebrated by millions in the United Kingdom. Not only her subjects, but celebrities as well, love the Queen. Besides presidents, Elizabeth II shook hands with famous people such as Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe, Daniel Craig, Madonna and Lady Gaga.

The Beatles


Marilyn Monroe


Charlie Chaplin


Gina Lollobrigida


Frank Sinatra


Sean Connery, Diane Cilento and Dick Van Dyke, with whom Queen Elizabeth is engaged in a conversation


Tom Jones

q8Spice Girls

q9Daniel Craig

q10Miley Cyrus

q11Elton John

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