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Eyesight enhancing massage compulsory in Chinese schools

If we look around in the street or on a public transportation vehicle, we will be astonished by how many people wear corrective glasses. Modern jobs and lifestyle involves sitting in front of a monitor for hours, and having our eyesight deteriorating. As long as we stare at a screen, be it a TV, a computer, a tablet, a cellphone or a smartphone, our eyes will sure suffer damage, and we will end up wearing glasses.

Source: YouTube
Source: YouTube

In China, on the other hand, people seem much smarter. Schools are having a compulsory eye massage program every morning that the children do together before classes. The massage enhances blood circulation around the eyes and it starts the optimal flow of energies, which ensures the impeccable functioning of the eyes. The massage feels pleasant, and it has an immediate positive effect.

First step: with the thumbs, massage the tiny groove found on the bone under the eyebrows. Use a circular motion, first eight times clockwise, and then eight times counter clockwise. Repeat the routine four times.

Second step: We use this pleasant rubbing many times when our eyes are tired or our head hurts. Pinch the bridge of the nose with our thumb and forefinger, and massage it in the upward direction with pushing motions.

Third step: There is a tiny hollow area in the middle of the cheekbone, in line with the pupil. Massage this area eight times, clockwise and then counter clockwise. Again, repeat four times.

Fourth step: use our thumbs to hold our temples, and close our hands in fists. With our bent forefingers, massage the eyebrows moving from the inside to the outside corners, and then move on to the lower part of the eye. Do the routine 32 times.

To learn how to do the motions in the proper way, watch the video below.