Everyone wondered what he was doing with so many leaves… but look at the moment when he turns over the bowl

Decorative objects can sometimes be made from the most original materials, including those found in nature. Autumn brings a multicolored carpet of leaves that can be used in beautiful handmade designs. Look at how easily you can make a fruit basket or a lantern in the colors of the season.

In your walks through the park in the autumn we can gather lots of leaves of all shapes, sizes and colors. For the first project, you need leaves, two bowls of different sizes, glue, a brush and plastic foil. First place the larger bowl on the table with the mouth down, and then the smaller one over it. Stretch a piece of food foil over the bowls.

Cover the surface with leaves and then cover the leaves with glue. Leave the glue to dry, and then remove the bowls. The resulting leaf bowl is very special, and can be filled with fresh fruit for a lovely table decor.

A magical lantern can be made using a jar, autumn leaves, string and glue. Cover the walls of the jar with autumn colored leaves, and roll string on the mouth of the jar. Leave the resulting lantern to dry until the next day. When ready, you can place a candle in it.

These are just two of the wonderful ideas for making decorative objects suitable for the autumn season.

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