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Everyone was undecided until this artist turned off the light. What happened after that was incredible!

Ditinyuk Denis, one of the finalists of “Ukraine has Talent”, can be defined as a visionary, because the technique he uses when painting is quite unusual. First his performance produced confusion among the members of the jury and the audience. It takes a special talent to be able to paint this way, and judging by how they responded all at the end, Denis Ditinyuk knows perfectly how to please his audience.


Painting from imagination is a gift for any painter, but the vision that makes an artist capable of dividing the work into four quadrants, managing to represent each part of the image with the corresponding strokes is really a talent.

The artist started working moving from one canvas to another, drawing thicker brush strokes and details in various colors. Nobody understood, though, what image could be represented by those contours.

Suddenly the light went out on the stage, and the audience was waiting eagerly to see what kind of picture would come out from under the hands of Denis. After a few stage movements, the four paintings were arranged to form a single image, and when the lights were on, those present were able to see the portrait of Russian artist Vladimir Vysotsky – this made the room burst into applause.

Even though the jury and the audience had to wait several minutes until the young man completed the painting, the waiting was worth it. The masterpiece created by the painter was appreciated by the whole audience.