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Eliza Iliescu is 9 years old. What does the oldest mother in Romania wish for her daughter?

Eliza Iliescu has just turned 9. Her mother, Adriana Iliescu, has entered the Guinness Book of Records when she gave birth to her daughter at 67.


Eliza’s birthday was celebrated at School #164 in Bucharest, where she is a student in grade four.

Even though many people were reticent at the beginning, the mother and daughter confess that they enjoy every moment they spend together, and they pray to God that they would stay together as long as possible.

Happy and surrounded by cookies, Eliza has celebrated her birthday.  Like every child, she loves toys, but she also loves books, and she was happy with every gift she received.

Eliza loves mathematics. She is the author of a problem that has been published in a collection.

Eliza was born on January 16th 2005, and she has become a celebrity at once. Her mother was entered into the Guinness Book of Records at that time as the oldest woman who ever gave birth to a healthy baby. Few people believed that she would be able to take care of the baby, but she was and has remained an ambitious full time mother.

Their life is not easy. Their only income is the mother’s pension, and she lost about $2000 last year as a result of some trials. But they don’t complain. The little girl has good grades at school, and she takes piano lessons from her mom.

Being aware of her advanced age, Adriana has taught her daughter not to be afraid of parting from her. However, the mother acknowledges that there will come some moments in her daughter’s life which she wouldn’t want to miss. “I would like to see her graduate, because it seems like graduation is everybody’s nightmare”, she declared. She also prays to stay healthy and to see her daughter wear a wedding dress.