Eight benefits of ginger tea

Ginger tea is considered a universal medicine that has been used since ancient times to cure various diseases. Scientists have identified more than 500 compounds in the ginger root, which make this root useful for the whole body.

Eight benefits of ginger tea

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Here are some of the most important benefits of ginger tea:

1. Improves digestion and stimulates the intestines
2. Stimulates fat burning
3. Lowers bad cholesterol
4. Fights cold and reduces fever
5. Calms nausea and is helpful in cases of morning sickness
6. Removes cramps
7. Has an anti-inflammatory effect
8. Relieves muscle fever

To make ginger tea you need to boil a few slices of ginger for 15 minutes. When the infusion has cooled a little, add honey and lemon juice.

Ginger is an ingredient you should always have at hand. It is not expensive, and you can store it in the refrigerator for a long time. All you need is to cut or scrape off a bit when you need ginger in foods, juices and teas.

You can use ginger powder in stews and cakes to give these foods a strong, distinct flavor.

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