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A very efficient method to revive orchids

There exist more than 35,000 orchid varieties and color versions. In nature, orchids may be found in every part of the world, but only a few species can be kept indoors.

Many of us grow orchids at home because they are beautiful and fragile, and they can be very special gift. There are orchids that get used very easily to indoor conditions and don’t need any special care. However there are many orchids species that need a lot of care, and growing these needs experience and special knowledge.

Even with a lot of care, it is very common for orchids to lose their beauty; their leaves turn yellow and the whole plant starts looking shabby. What should you do in such situation? First of all, don’t throw out the plant.

Here are some suggestions to revive your orchid

If you remove the dry roots and you are left only with two or three healthy roots, remove these too, especially if the roots look as if hanging on a thread, as they can’t feed the plants anymore. Don’t remove the yellow leaves, because the plant will remove them on its own. If there is a small green leaflet growing in the middle, the plant has enough strength to live on.

How to remove damaged roots

1. Disinfect the scissors.

2. Cut off the damaged roots.

3. Dip the cuts into powdered active charcoal for disinfection.

4. Place the plant in soil with the cut part down, so the plant can grow healing tissue around the cut. You don’t need to water the plant too often.

5. From time to time wipe off the plant with succinic acid.

If you use this very successful method of reviving your orchid, it will reward you with beautiful flowers soon.