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Don’t throw away precious nutshells – What nutshell infusion is good for

Walnut shells can be infused to make a perfect cold beverage that relieves coughs and soothes sore throats.

Lots of people throw away walnut shells because they don’t know they’re useful, but walnut shells can be used to make a delicious infusion with beneficial effects on the lungs. It can even be consumed with good results by those who experience smoker’s cough.

Walnuts are a snack rich in fats that are exceptionally healthy for the brain. They also contain minerals and vitamins that provide energy, regulate cholesterol levels, keep blood pressure in check, relieve menstrual pain and prevent inflammation in the body.

What many people don’t know is that ‘useless’ walnut shells provide excellent therapeutic properties. Infusion made from walnut shells is beneficial not only for getting rid of cold symptoms, but also to enhance the beauty of hair and blood circulation.

Find out more about the benefits of walnut shell infusion and how to make it below.

Walnut shell infusion relieves coughing

This natural remedy has a beneficial effect on the lungs, relieves the symptoms of angina and can prevent fatty build-up on blood vessels, thus improving the health of the heart.

Walnut shell tea is an excellent adjuvant in soothing coughs caused by colds or other respiratory infections. Drinking 3 cups of tea a day, sweetened with a little honey, helps to clear accumulated secretions in the throat and soothes excruciating pain.

Walnut shell infusion is also recommended for people with an oily liver or who have problems with bowel movements. It can also be consumed by women who suffer from urinary infections or who have poor peripheral circulation.

A cup of walnut shell infusion is also good for the mental state, helping to restore energy and concentration. Last but not least, it is a remedy that supports immunity and reduces the risk of osteoporosis, thanks to the high amount of calcium it contains.

Shiny hair with walnut shell infusion

Walnut shell infusion can also be used externally, especially to improve the health of the hair. Rinse your hair with green walnut shell infusion to help it regain its shine and strength. Green walnut shell infusion has the ability to naturally coat white hairs and make them brown.

You can also apply compresses dipped into walnut shell infusion to treat swollen and tired legs, as the active ingredients in walnut shells reduce inflammation and pain.

How to make walnut shell infusion

To make this type of infusion, you need the shells of 10 walnuts added to 500 ml of water. Pour the water into a kettle, add the walnut shells, and bring the water to the boil. Simmer for another 30 minutes, then strain the infusion.

Sweeten with a little honey or cinnamon and flavour with a slice of lemon. If you want to boost the effect, add half an onion to the tea while it’s still boiling.

The walnut shells and onion infusion should be consumed warm, not hot, otherwise the sore throat and cough will get worse!