The dolphin behaves strangely, and then the staff notices something that they don’t see every day

Katrl, a white female dolphin living in Chicago’s Shedd Dolphinarium, has recently given birth to a calf. So far, this event has never been filmed in the wilderness for this species of dolphins.

One day, the female dolphin was becoming more and more agitated – a sign that something important was about to happen. Soon afterwards, the staff would enjoy a unique experience.

At first, the baby dolphin’s tail appeared. The mother-dolphin kept swimming and straining her whole body to help the calf. The joy of all who saw the happy event was so great that they all exclaimed and applauded enthusiastically as the new baby swam out into his new world. After three hours of labor, the little dolphin joined her mother and started following her around with amazing ease.

Helping to bring a dolphin to the world is a wonderful thing, but to follow closely how the mother leads her calf to the surface of the water for the first breath is really touching.

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