Do you want your children to be more self-controlled? Avoid these 5 mistakes!

Children can be capricious at times, and usually parents except this as a fact. However, always trying to please a child and not setting the appropriate limits leads to a complete lack of cooperation on the part of the child.

Do you want your children to be more self-controlled? Avoid these 5 mistakes!

A well-known specialist who studies children’s behavior and is the presenter of the program Take Hone Nanny revealed five mistakes often made by parents that eventually will lead negative consequences.

1. Being afraid of the child

Let’s say, a child wants to drink milk from another cup, and the parents immediately switch the cup, afraid that the child will start crying and refuse to eat. Relenting in such cases is a major mistake. Satisfying the child’s every whim to prevent a fuss makes them form the completely unrealistic expectation that everyone else will jump to please them as soon as they declare what they want.

2. Children will be children

If you tolerate unacceptable behavior telling yourself that this is normal at their age, you encourage children to be irresponsible. The truth is, children can be respectful, well-mannered and generous, and they can exercise self-control. Do you believe that your child is incapable of keeping their things organized or to set the table without being asked? If you have low expectations, your child will not learn to function as a family member.

3. You do not allow others to point out your child’s mistakes

Not so long ago, teachers and other persons in charge with children were not only allowed, but expected to point out to children if they made mistakes and to apply consequences if necessary. By our days this attitude had changed radically. Parents blame teachers without knowing the facts. If neither the parent nor the teacher stops bad behavior, the child comes to the conclusion that it is okay to do whatever they want.

Do you want your children to be more self-controlled? Avoid these 5 mistakes!

4. Children are the utmost priority

Naturally, parents tend to be overprotective with their children. Nevertheless, nowadays some parents exaggerate this to the point that they sacrifice their own basic needs to satisfy all perceived and real needs of their children. The reality is that no one can provide everything the children ask for, and should not either. It is not the end of the world if sometimes they are told a firm ‘no’.

5. Children are offered them gadgets so they can entertain themselves

Another frequent mistake is to offer children electronic devices to keep them entertained. Instead, they need to be taught to be patient and to make themselves busy with healthier games and activities.

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