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Do you know how to fry eggs properly?

Has it ever happened that you burned your fried eggs, or you wanted to keep the yolks runny, but they turned out hard? Would you like to know how to fry eggs to make them exactly the way you want? Now you can find out some useful tips and tricks.

Do you know how to fry eggs properly?
Photo: Tom Ipri/Flickr.com

Pour a little oil into a thick walled pan, heat it up and gently break the eggs into the hot oil, making sure that the yolks stay intact. Lower the heat at once, so the bottom of the eggs won’t burn. Salt only the egg whites and keep frying at low heat until they are done. The whites will fry faster, if you would like the yolks hrd, keep pouring hot oil onto them.

If you are suspicious that the eggs might be infected with salmonella, use a flat spatula to turn over the frying eggs and fry them well on both sides.

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Your fried eggs will have a nicer shape if you use a thin crepe pan. In this case, first heat up the pan and then pour in the oil. Reduce the heat before breaking in the eggs so they don’t burn onto the thin bottom. Fried eggs will turn the tastiest if you use a cast iron pan. You can make very nice, shapely fried eggs in a nonstick pan, but they will be tasteless.

If you wish to make fried eggs the way chefs do, collect the egg whites and beat them up to obtain a hard foam. Leave the yolks in the shell for now. Distribute the egg whites in as many parts as many eggs you want to fry and use a ladle to place them in hot oil. Then scoop out some whites from the middle of each heap and place in the yolks, covering them with the removed scoop of whites. Fry both sides of the eggs until golden brown. Serve eggs prepared this way right away, as the beaten egg whites will flatten very quickly.

Do you know how to fry eggs properly?
Photo: Tom Ipri/Flickr.com

You can make French fried eggs, which can also be served as an entrée or a simple dinner if you mix 200 mg of grated cheese into the hard egg whites. Don’t cover the egg yolks; instead, pour on hot oil to fry them on low heat.

If you’re on a diet, you may use a tiny amount of butter to fry your eggs in. Fry the eggs at medium heat for no more than 10 minutes until the yolks harden.

Fry yor eggs with sour cream to make a nice dinner. Use 100 mL sour cream for one egg. Pour the sour cream into a thick walled nonstick pan and heat it up. Then break in two eggs per person and cook on low heat until the egg yolks harden. When the egg whites turn hard, you may turn the eggs over so they cook faster. Serve the fried eggs hot, with fresh bread.

If you make fried eggs for several persons, you may bake them in the oven. In this case, the eggs will harden evenly and they won’t need to be turned over.