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Divorce: five taboos no one dares to talk about

Most people believe that marriage only works if they “live happily until they die”. Unfortunately, there are times when things don’t turn out the way we planned them.

Divorce: five taboos no one dares to talk about
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No two relationships are the same, but there are traits that are present in every divorce.

Divorce takes place in stages

Like the worst vicious circle, every divorce has several distinctive stages: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. These feelings don’t always occur in the same order, however. Instead they alternate, and when you think that you are already over or one phase, you go back to a previous one and feel crushes again.

Divorce causes a lot of tears

Really … a lot. If there is a person with whom we can feel safe to talk about our pains, it can help a lot. We need to talk about our feelings, and it is best to get help from a friend who has the patience of a psychologist.

The causes of divorce can be multifaceted

There are a large number of root causes for divorce, but divorce attorneys encounter the following problems most often: emotional distance, financial problems, disappearance of intimacy, family problems, loss of individuality.

Divorce gives you the opportunity to regain yourself

This may look frightening and exciting at the same time. We can find ourselves if we get from the sense of ″us″ to the sense of ″me″.

Divorce involves a lot of responsibility

Especially if children are involved, the most important thing is to empower them emotionally. We should not let be mere survivors of the their parents’ divorce. We have to give them constant assurance that there is nothing wrong, and mom and dad will always be there for them.

It takes a lot of persistence and a strong heart to go through divorce, but if this is the only solution to our problems, we shouldn’t give up.