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Diseases related to air conditioning

Air conditioning has become indispensable in the modern times. There are fewer and fewer homes with no air conditioning, which offers comfort during the heat, when the air becomes almost impossible to breathe in. However, as much as it can be a friend, air conditioning can also transform into a notorious enemy which may cause many health problems.

Source: Flickr.com
Source: Flickr.com

For example, persons who work in spaces which have only air conditioning to introduce fresh air suffer from nasal congestion, dizziness, tiredness, memory loss, sneezing and a dripping nose. Modern medicine has united these symptoms under the generic of “air conditioning syndrome”.

The symptoms differ from person to person, depending on the ability of each of us to adapt to our environment. There exist people who suffer from the weakening of the muscles, joint pain, headaches and backaches caused by air conditioning.


In order to prevent problems related to air conditioning, first of all you should pay attention to the ventilation system. The filters have to be cleaned to prevent the spreading of harmful microorganisms (at least once in every two weeks); also, the rooms need to be aired out regularly.

It is very important that the difference between the air outside and inside is not more than 5 degrees.

Don’t leave air conditioning on when you go to sleep.

If you have stayed a prolonged time in a room with air conditioning, spend a proportional time outdoors.

Drink a lot of water.

Don’t move directly from an air conditioned room to free air. Send some time in a neutral space. Also, never go out into full sun from an air conditioned room, as the body has a difficult time adapting to such sudden changes.

Chinese medicine

Sudden temperature changes force the body to adopt quickly, and the body uses up a lot of vital energy (Qi). This is the reason for states of tiredness and the weakening of the immune system. In order not to encounter such problems, this is what Chinese medicine specialists have to advise:

1. When you spend time in an air conditioned room, wear a jacket or a scarf around your neck, as the throat is the gateway to catching a cold. Also, women should cover their legs.

2. If you want to leave air conditioning on when you go to bed, program it to stop after a certain amount of time.

3. When you feel tired in the morning, drink a hot cup of tea. Tis will make you sweat and eliminate toxins. Don’t eat cold food for breakfast.

4. Make sure you don’t stay in drafty areas. You may feel air currents refreshing, but in fact they can affect internal organs adversely and may cause diseases such as arthritis, asthma, cold, headaches, sore throat, joint pain and indigestion.

5. Don’t drink cold drinks. They will give you comfort for a short time, but they will also consume your vital energy because the internal temperature has to be regulated. Your stomach and spleen will suffer because of this reason, and indigestion may appear along with fatigue and depression.