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What diseases does cumin treat?

We love cumin sprinkled on salty pastry and in soups, but cumin seeds have less known qualities besides being a tasty spice. Here are the benefits and uses of these fragrant seeds:

Source: Kris A/Flickr.com
Source: Kris A/Flickr.com

Because cumin contains an essential oil called carvon, it acts primarily on the gastro intestinal tract. Other recommendations include the following:

• to treat asthmatic bronchitis – cumin infusion liquefies bronchial secretions
• to cure colics – especially in infants
• it increases secretion of milk in women who have recently given birth
• it combats bowel inflammation and especially bloating – drink an infusion of cumin mixed with infusion of anise, 2 cups each day
• lack of appetite – drink half a cup of infusion before main meals. Besides stimulating appetite, cumin has a great role in easing digestion.
• it strengthens immunity and combats colds

The essential oil of cumin is used by the cosmetic industry to make perfumes.

How to administer cumin

• Infusion – pour a cup of boiling water over a teaspoon of cumin seeds. Allow about 15 minutes for the infusion and then drink the tea.
• Bags with cumin – put a tablespoon of cumin seeds into a cloth bag, heat it up well in hot water, and then place it onto your abdomen. This method is very effective for calming babies suffering from colic.
• Liquor – mix 2 tablespoons of cumin and 100 ml of honey. Heat the mixture for 15-20 minutes, then add 500 ml of brandy and let it soak for a week. Filter and drink a glass a day to stimulate digestion.