A dance no one expected to enjoy

The protagonists of this wonderful artistic moment are John Lindo and Stephanie Batista, two unusually talented dancers. They have participated in the West Coast Swing 2008 dance competition, and have actually turned out the champions.


They feel the rhythm so well and their steps are flowing so naturally that you become speechless as you are watching them. It’s hard to believe that a dancing couple can be such a perfect match in coordinating their steps and creating a truly enchanting artistic moment.

Their personality transposes completely through their steps, and they make the auditorium react with applauses and cheers.

John dances with a special charm and he compliments Stephanie’s dancing perfectly. He knows so well how to lead her during the dance that every dance step and every movement is executed with an amazing naturalness. As we can see in the video, their performance surprised everybody, and both of them were appreciated and rewarded with a long applause.

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