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Cut a roll of paper towels in half and pour diluted vinegar onto them to make non-toxic wet towels

We use wet napkins every day, and we may use up a lot of them. But most of the commercially available wet towels cost a lot of money. Also, we don’t know what substances they are saturated with, whether the ingredients are harmful for our health, and what basic materials are used in making them.

Source: Capture YouTube
Source: Capture YouTube

The best thing is not trying to solve this riddle, but make wet towels at home. They will be much healthier, more efficient and much cheaper.

All you will need is a large roll of paper towels, an old, empty box that store-bought wet towels came in, a large pair of scissors, a little vinegar and dishwasher liquid or liquid soap.

Wash the empty box and wipe it dry. Cut the paper towel roll into halves leaving the cardboard roll inside, and place one half into the box. In a bowl, mix water and vinegar in equal amounts and add two drops of dishwashing liquid. Pour this mixture onto the paper towels, take out the cardboard roll and pull out the first paper sheet from the middle of the roll. Then place on the lid of the box and use the paper towels in the usual way. Because the paper towel roll has been cut in halves, you can make two boxes of wet towels at once.