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How to create a very special design with the aid of some nail polish and a toothpick

Every woman has several bottles of nail polish, but we’d have never thought that we can use our collection of colors to decorate pottery or china cups.


A personalized mug is a great gift for a loved one. There are many techniques to decorate a mug by various processes; this movie teaches a unique method called “painting on water”, which involves using nail polish. What you will need is a ceramic mug, a few bottles of nail polish in various colors, a deep plastic bowl, napkins and a toothpick.

Fill the bowl with hot water and pour in a few drops of nail polish of each color you have chosen. Use a toothpick to create a swirly pattern, and then take the ceramic cup and dip it into the water to transfer the pattern onto its side.

You will be greatly surprised when you lift the cup and admire the colors printed on it. Allow 2-3 hours for the nail polish to dry, and your cup is ready to be given away as a unique and perfect gift. As you can see, the process is so simple that even a child can understand and do it in no time. Good luck!