A couple has been replanting the trees of an Indian forest – take a look at the results

If every person on the Earth would plant only one tree, our planet would become much more livable, greener and healthier place.

Pamela Gale Malhotra and her husband, Anil Malhotra have been dedicating their lives to replacing the Indian forests, which are cut at an astonishing pace. The couple have been following their mission for 26 years, and the results are very remarkable.

The couple bought some land where they plant trees and protect wild animals living in the area. The SAI Sanctuary was established in 1991 on 300 hectares, on which 200 endangered species live together, including Asian elephants and Bengali tigers.

When Malhotra bought the land, it was entirely deforested, as it had previously been used to produce rice, coffee and cardamom. It took a lot of energy and persistence for the couple to regrow the forest – in that part of India, the proportion of forests dropped from 86% to 16% from the 1970s.

The persistence had its fruits: the formerly barren land nowadays is full of life and sounds, and the couple says that nothing makes them happier than the park they have created.

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