Common mistakes most cooks make when cooking chicken

If well-prepared, chicken is irresistible for many gourmets. Besides, it is very easy to prepare and there are countless recipes to choose from. However, if we cook chicken only several minutes more than necessary, the texture and taste may suffer.

Common mistakes most cooks make when cooking chicken

So, how to cook chicken properly?

First of all, start with washing the meat. Use a tall dish to avoid the danger of cross-contamination with kitchen utensils. There are also some specialists who claim that meat shouldn’t be washed before cooking.

Grilled chicken shouldn’t be prepared at high temperatures. 75 °C is ideal according to chefs. It is good to have a meat thermometer at hand, so you can make sure that the cooking temperature is right. Insert the thermometer into the thickest part of the meat, but make sure you don’t reach the bone.

Common mistakes most cooks make when cooking chicken

When the meat is cooked, allow it to rest for a while, and add the barbecue sauce only after a few minutes. The sauce will create a nice crust, but if you add it too soon, it caramelizes and it will be more difficult to decide whether the chicken is fully cooked or not.

The vegetables should be put on the grill only after the meat is cooked, so they don’t take over the flavor of the chicken. Before grilling, meat can be marinated for 24 hours.

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