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Choose a stone and see what it reveals about you

Look at the six stones on the photo below and choose one. Don’t worry about which is your favorite color. The only important thing should be to decide which one you are attracted to the most.

Ready? Then look at what the stone tells about you.

Moonstone or Opal

Moonstone is the stone of a new beginning and experiencing femininity or masculinity. As its name indicates, the stone strongly relates to the moon as well as intuition. Your choice shows that you are craving deep love and can’t stand emotional instability. In your relationships you need a lot of freedom so you can find your quiet place within yourself.

You are introspective and search for your inner voice. Perhaps nowadays you feel that things are not working out the way they should, but this is only a transitory state. You have chosen the Moonstone, which reveals that you possess deep subconscious wisdom, and the center of your life is an ancient knowledge that constantly works on making your life better.

Most of the time you might not even be aware how well you have solved difficult problems in the past, as you do this instinctively. You should meditate and read inspiring and motivating thoughts, as these bring out the wisdom of other worlds and the advice of higher powers. Moonstone is the stone of angels who hold your hand.

Choose a stone and see what it reveals about you
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If you have chosen this beautiful green stone, you are going through significant changes in your life. This might be linked to your relationship, lifestyle, residence or work. If this change is not happening yet, soon it will for sure. It is also possible that you are going through a spiritual evolution, and you will be able to defeat a problem that has its roots in your past and that you already resigned to solving.

You have become wiser and more sensitive, so now it is the time to deal with this problem. You used to be intense and had strong feelings, but these days you think more about life and what you want from it. You are able to accept your less positive traits, and you realize how strongly these affect your personal development.

Malachite is also the stone of wealth and abundance. This means that while you are searching for happiness, you will also enjoy good fortune. This stone also helps you to end an unhappy relationship and start having new romantic feelings that can make you bloom again. Choosing malachite means that you are ready for success and to release all negative energies.

Choose a stone and see what it reveals about you
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You have chosen Sunstone, which means that you probably need more joy in your life these days. You need happiness and reinforcement. You must realize that you can listen to your intuition, as it never deceives you.

You might need to get rid of addictions or send away energy vampires from your life, and you are able to do these in a loving way. Whatever doesn’t serve you and doesn’t make you stronger will destroy you after a while. You shouldn’t allow this: you should start saying no, regardless of how difficult it seems first. Don’t feel like you are abandoned and an outcast, as you are full of strength.

You should probably acquire a Sunstone and allow it to transform your subdued feelings. This will purify you and fill you with self- appreciation. Imagine that soon the first thing you will feel after you wake up is sincere joy. You will understand that a wonderful new day is awaiting you with new possibilities to let good people into your life. This is the time for your destiny to become happy and fruitful.

Choose a stone and see what it reveals about you
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Obsidian is the stone of release. By choosing it, you are asking for change, new thoughts, new feelings and a new life. You want gentle help for taking this step. Your subconscious mind says that you are ready to get rid of all negativity and become happy again.

Now you understand that others may be much less fortunate than you and everybody else has their own problems. Remember that jealousy, bitterness and anger are the most destructive feelings, and they send you into a downward spiral. Negative thoughts are poisons that make you physically ill too. This is your time to transform your thought patterns.

Your energy blocks will disappear if you want to. In the near future, you will find the strength that will help you open your heart to the world. You carry lots of pain, but you start understanding that the only way to become happy is to become grateful for everything you have instead of being sorry for what you don’t have.

Choose a stone and see what it reveals about you
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If howlite attracted you the most, you will soon receive a message from a place of a higher order. Pay attention to your dreams. Regard strange thoughts as visions, and pay attention to repeating numbers and words. Soon a message will reach you from somewhere secret. You’ve been going in the right direction all your life as you possess very strong intuition and you listen to it.

If you suffer from insomnia, you must know that you don’t pay enough attention to yourself. You may leave your self-doubts behind, as your sixth sense is working well. This stone is chosen only by people who are in close connection with spiritual dimensions. One of your angel helpers wants to fulfill your dreams and all he needs is your faith. This stone also brings fortune if you are expecting a child.

Choose a stone and see what it reveals about you
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Dalmatian Jasper wants to remind those who have chosen it that we are all spiritual people in solid shells. You might be depressed, frustrated or nervous recently or you have become too cynical? Before we become ethereal energy again, we might live a long life on this planet, so we better make the best of it.

You can survive the most difficult situation with humor; if not for your sake, then for your beloved’s sake. A sense of humor unites families and friends. Laughter coming from the heart sends a message to the world and the universe that you don’t give up, and you will eventually get what you want. Jasper reminds us that the true source of our strength is deeper than our individual will and personal endeavors.

If we are aware of this truth we remain modest and open, so we can always receive new life energies. Dalmatian jasper says that you would like to play again. This stone is also the symbol of fighting against smoking, so if you ever thought of giving up this bad habit, now this would be the time.

Choose a stone and see what it reveals about you
Photo: Wikimedia.org