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Chlorella, the super algae with incredible detoxifying properties  

Clorella seems to be one of the most underrated super foods, although it gives the body a lot of nutrients in very small portions. Chlorella offers many more benefits to the body than we could imagine. This alga has amazing detoxifying properties, being able to help the body eliminate heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, aluminum, barium, and more. Furthermore, it detoxifies the body in a gentle way, while preserving the body’s mineral balance, providing it with magnesium, potassium, iodine and other important minerals.

We are besieged daily by toxic pollutants in food, water, the air we breathe, the pharmaceuticals, vaccines and one of the most common of all, mercury, the source of all compounds in dentistry.

As long as you chew food with these compounds of mercury in your mouth, you release mercury vapours into your body. To eliminate these compounds requires a certain type of dentist, called a biological or holistic dentist.

Whether you manage to remove these compounds from the mouth or not, it is wise to incorporate these miracle algae in your diet because of its property of removing heavy metals from the body.

The Chlorella cell walls

Around the twentieth century, Chlorella began to be regarded as a food that can treat the problem of hunger and malnutrition, due to the fact that these algae grow easily in fresh water ponds, whether natural and artificial.

Each Chlorella cell contains all 21 amino acids, which are complete proteins, having the advantage of being much easier to assimilate compared to other proteins in its class. Besides the 21 amino acids, Chlorella also contains other nutrients.

Chlorella cell is very similar to the cells of the human body, except that in chlorella instead of iron there is chlorophyll. The energy source of chlorophyll is sunlight, the energy source of our planet.

However, due to strong cellular walls of algae, accurate and complete digestion of nutrients that they contains was quite difficult; this problem was solved by researchers at the middle of the twentieth century, when Chlorella has become one of variants that can save the world from hunger.

Finally, after several attempts by scientists who tried to break down the cell walls of these algae, they succeeded, which means that nutrients in Chlorella can be entirely assimilated by the human body. Scientists managed not only to break down cellular walls, but at the same time they manage to preserve the entire wall of the nutrients.

Keeping intact the walls of nutrients is of great significance because Chlorella merges with toxins from our body to eliminate them. This is why most supplements and products containing Chlorella are promoted by maintaining the fact that the algae cell walls are broken down.

Finding suitable Chlorella

There have been several laboratory tests certifying the detoxifying properties of both Chlorella vulgaris (CV) and Chlorella pyrenoidosa (CP). However, several voices argue the superiority of the latter, although this controversy is not extremely important.

It seems that the best source of Chlorella is Taiwan and South Korea; there are some suspicions about supplements, including Chlorella, brought from China.