Chiropractic treatment defies all odds in the case of a severely injured boy

Chiropractic treatment, which cures malformations and injuries of the hips and the spinal cord, helped heal a 17-year-old guy, Muntathar Ali, who went through such torment for three months that he could not even get out of bed.

The boy suffered severe spinal cord injury when he tried to pull out a tree root. After the injury, he was unable to stand straight, and he couldn’t feel his right leg because his nerves also suffered damage.

The boy was diagnosed with the disease called Kyphosis, which is a visible backward curvature of the spine. In final desperation, the young American man and his family visited the Chiropractic Centre in Australia, which started the treatment – a very painful one, for sure, as the video proves it.

As a result of 10 days of intensive treatment, Ali fully recovered and he was able to stand up and attend his school graduation ceremony as well. Fantastic healing!

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