Burdock root, a natural medicine that cures rheumatism and reduces glycaemia

Due to several acids with detoxifying properties found in its composition, burdock root stimulates the function of the liver and the gallbladder and protects the body from the effects of several toxic substances such as tobacco and alcohol. Romanian pharmacist Ovidiu Bujor claims that because of these acids, burdock root protects the liver, which is often attacked by many toxic substances.

Burdock root, a natural medicine that cures rheumatism and reduces glycaemia

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Burdock roots are also rich in potassium salt, vitamin B, essential oils and tannin; these components make burdock root one of the most efficient remedies for detoxifying the body.

Researchers have demonstrated that burdock roots considerably reduce blood sugar level. Because of this reason, phytotherapists recommend burdock root tea therapy especially to diabetes patients. As far as the hypoglycemic action is concerned, this is due to the very high inulin content, which reduces the absorption of glucose in the body. Burdock roots also reduce the absorption of cholesterol and fats via the intestines.

These effects have been demonstrated scientifically, which justifies the use of burdock root tea prepared from 2 teaspoons of crushed root boiled in a cup of water. The patient needs to drink 2 cups of tea per day.

Due to its diuretic, purifying and detoxifying effect, burdock root is beneficial in various skin diseases such as acne, seborrheic dermatitis and furunculosis. In this case the remedy has to be used externally as a concentrated infusion prepared from 2 tablespoons of burdock roots boiled in a cup of water. The external treatment needs to be combined with an internal one. Also externally, various lotions can be used for regenerating and stimulating the growth of hair, as well as in case of burns.

Because of its anti-inflammatory effect, burdock root is used in infusion to treat rheumatism and articular pains externally.

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