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Blackberries, the delicious medicine always at hand

Once you get past mid-summer until the end of the first month of autumn, some of the most delicious berries are appearing in forests, riversides and the edges of meadows. Black and glossy with shades of red and blue and a discreet flavor, blackberries invite us to try their sweet-sour taste. Under their attractive appearance, they hide a lot of health benefits ranging from improving the appearance of skin up to preventing cancer.

Photo: Ellen Wallace/Flickr.com
Photo: Ellen Wallace/Flickr.com

Powerful antioxidant

Blackberries store a large amount of vitamins, minerals and organic acids necessary for proper functioning of the body. They are very rich in vitamin C and bioflavonoids, both being substances with strong antioxidant effect, according to experts quoted by huffingtonpost.ca. In fact, among all fruits, berries contain the highest amount of antioxidants that help prevent many types of cancer, by cleansing the body of toxic substances. Experts stress, however, that in order to benefit from these properties of any kind of fruit it is necessary for them to be eaten fresh. Frozen fruit retains its qualities, but to a lesser extent.

Beneficial effects on the digestive system

Blackberry fruits have high nutritional value, and they contain a large amount of fiber. On the other hand, they have a very low sodium content and a small cup of blackberries contains only 62 calories. Fiber helps in good digestion, it prevents constipation and heartburn, and it protects against localized gastrointestinal cancer, including colon cancer.

Photo: Flickr.com
Photo: threelayercake/Flickr.com

Also, it has beneficial effects on the digestive system, and tannin, an acid also found in blackberries, reduces intestinal inflammation, relieves pain caused by hemorrhoids and relieves the effects of diarrhea.

They ombat the effects of aging and many types of cancers

Among the beneficial substances contained by blackberries are included polyphenols, which combat the effects of aging. Among other things, they help to rejuvenate the skin, giving a youthful look to those who regularly eat berries, and they also keep the brain alert. In addition, polyphenols protect against radiation-induced cancers, as well as the against those induced by the hormonal activity.

Regarding the latter type of cancer, blackberries battle with multiple weapons. According to formula-as.ro, blackberries contain certain substances that snap into estrogen receptors found in the body, thus preventing proliferation and recurrence of breast cancer or cervical cancer. Some studies show that certain natural compounds of salicylic acid present in blackberry fruits are toxic to cancer cells in the breast tissue.

Photo: Kayla Sawyer/Flickr.com
Photo: Kayla Sawyer/Flickr.com

Vitamin K helps in muscle relaxation, the blackberry fruit being used by some women to improve birth pains. Consumed regularly, blackberry juice can help regulate the menstrual cycle and in maintaining a healthy circulatory system, preventing blood clots.

Besides blackberry fruit, leaves and bark can be consumed as tea. They can be used to relieve mild inflammation of the gums and sometimes a sore throat. For a stronger tea flavor, you can use some dried and crushed berries as well.