Beyond the kitchen: 8 unusual ways to use flour in the household

Have you found yet another bag of flour in the darkest corner of your kitchen cabinet? If you often bake and cook, you buy flour regularly, and if you spend little time in the kitchen, now and then you might find a forgotten bag of flour.

Beyond the kitchen: 8 unusual ways to use flour in the household

In any case, you can use it beyond the usual purposes, such as the ones below:

1. To remove grease stains

Have you stained a tablecloth with drops of grease? Don’t worry, flour will come handy. Sprinkle some on the stains and allow it to absorb the fat. You can apply this clever method not only on textiles but even on the floor.

2. To polish the sink

Wash your stainless steel sink and then wipe it dry. Sprinkle in plenty of flour and rub the whole surface with a soft cloth. The sink will shine like new!

3. To protect against pests

Fill a salt dispenser with flour and sprinkle it on your plants. The insects will flee from the flour! After 2 days, spray the plants with water and gently rinse them.

4. To open a jar

Jar lids are often too tight, and it’s difficult to remove them. Next time, simply dip the edge of the lid into flour, so you can prevent it from getting stuck later.

Beyond the kitchen: 8 unusual ways to use flour in the household

5. To make dry shampoo

If you regularly buy dry shampoo, you waste a lot of money unnecessarily. White flour is perfect for lighter hair; if your hair is darker, use oat flour.

6. To make paper mache glue

Mix flour and water, and your glue is ready!

7. To clean brass objects

If you have a valuable object made of brass, you can use flour to clean it gently. Mix ½ cup of vinegar, 1 teaspoon of salt and as much flour as to obtain a pasty texture. Cover the brass surface with the paste and leave it on for 1 hour. Rinse the object and wipe it dry.

8. To clean seashells

If you are obsessed with gathering seashells at the sea or at a lakeshore, you have certainly tried to clean them without success, even perhaps with a nailbrush. A mixture of flour and water is capable of miracles when it comes to cleaning shells!

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