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The best solution to unclog a toilet

A clogged toilet is certainly one of the most frustrating things for anyone. And the worst part? When you realize that you don’t have a single tool to help you. But here’s an ingenious solution, originally developed in South Korea.


When faced with difficulties in unclogging the toilet, we must find the most effective ways. We often use a suction cup, but the effect is not always successful. With a self-adhesive sheet, unclogging the toilet is a job as simple as possible.

As we can see, this solution for unclogging the toilet surpasses all. The young man in the video ensures that the toilet bowl is almost full by throwing a lot of crumpled toilet paper into the water that won’t drain anymore. Then, he sticks on a self-adhesive film in the shape of the toilet bowl and flushes again. This action will push the foil up, creating pressure. By repeatedly pressing, this pressure pushes the water towards the drain with an impressive force, successfully eliminating any obstacle. Don’t you find this an ideal solution?

It is true that we can use different methods with the aid of tools and pipe cleaners, but the method that we see in this video is by far the most simple, hygienic and efficient of all. There is no need to despair when we have problems to solve, because there is a solution even for this operation not at all pleasant. As we can see in the demonstration movie, this method is infallible.