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Being a mother is the best feeling in the world

Being a mother is the best feeling in the world. It cannot be explained in words and replaced with anything.

The best part about the experience of being a mother is the unconditional love the child has for the mother and the mother has for the child. Experiencing the little moments that cannot be explained, described or captured.

Those fleeting moments full of meaning and emotion. Those moments that make you savor everything about children and try to grasp every little detail, because childhood is a small part of life and time really does fly.

One of the best things about being a mother is seeing someone become the purpose of your life, someone who challenges you to become a better person without ever judging you for the mistakes you’ve made or are about to make.

No one said being a mother was easy. But it is, without a doubt, the most rewarding experience we will ever be blessed with in this life. It’s a love like no other you experience before becoming a mother. It’s unchanging, powerful and selfless. It is a love without limitations, boundaries or conditions. It is instinctual and eternal love.

All the worries of mundane relationships, drama at work, material possessions and everything else that filled our lives before motherhood seem so insignificant compared to what life throws at us when a child comes into the world. This experience makes us cherish family more than before.

Grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles and friends, all with whom we have close bonds, suddenly seem to be more precious, and we grow in appreciating the role they play in this incredible time in our lives. We love seeing the relationship between our child and them blossom into something uniquely their own. Each moment is a special memory that our children will carry and that we will cherish forever.

Being a mother gives you the chance to see the world through a child’s eyes. Rainbows, running through a park, Santa Claus, lemonade stands, strangers becoming best friends after a game – a world of wonder, discovery, possibilities, and endless fun. We cherish every time they slip their tiny hand into ours or whisper a secret in our ears. Each touch etches something deep into our soul and takes us to a place of contentment that only a mother can understand.

The love between mother and child is a mutual one most of the time. No one loves us like our children. When they are little, they cheer and run to us the moment we walk through the door. When they are older, they trust us and run to us when they need solid advice to rely on.