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She began by cutting an old sock in half. The end result is simply awesome!

Whether white or colored, handmade snowmen are cute and funny, and it’s really hard to resist the temptation to make one. Using a little skill and some materials from around the house, you can easily manufacture a cheerful and adorable snowman.


Winter comes with its joys, and one of them is snowmen. If we make them out of snow, we can’t keep them forever; on the other hand, if we create them from textile, for example a sock, we will have them as long as we please.

All you need is a white sock, a needle, thread, scissors, glue, rice, buttons and a strip of fabric. First cut the sock at the heel, and then turn it inside out and make a tight knot at one end. Then turn the sock back the right side out and fill it with rice.

Finally, sow in the hole. This will be the body of the snowman. Tighten it in the middle and use thread to tie it, and use a strip of fabric for a scarf. Prepare the head of the snowman rolling in the material several times at the edges. Glue on the eyes and the mouth, and attach a few buttons to the snowman’s chest.

Now is the time to look at the final result and to enjoy your snowman.