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Beer yeast, a magic ingredient from your fridge

Source: wikimedia.org
Source: wikimedia.org

It stimulates the immune system

Colds and infectious diseases can be treated efficiently with yeast. For three weeks, sick persons need to eat 3 teaspoons of yeast daily. Vitamins and minerals, from which selenium is the most significant in yeast, will strengthen the immune system and speed up recovery. A, B and C viral hepatitis is kept under control with this treatment too.

A tonic for the nervous system

Yeast therapy has an invigorating effect on the nervous system; it fights depression and mental illnesses.
Even in other serious conditions such as Parkinson and Alzheimer’s disease, a two-week yeast cure, that is, four teaspoons of yeast mixed with honey, enhances concentration.

It regulates cholesterol and arterial tension

Yeast consumption reduces the level of bad cholesterol and fights hypertension, the two major factors involved in the development of heart diseases. Persons suffering from diseases of the heart should periodically consume nutritional supplements based on beer yeast.

The daily dose for an adult is 3 teaspoons of yeast, taken on an empty stomach three times a day before meals.
Beer yeast cure is also recommended to persons who suffer from anemia or deficiency of assimilation of minerals, especially magnesium and calcium. In this case the cure should last for 21 days, and the patient should take one tablespoon of yeast before the main meals three times a day. This cure will also regulate disturbances related to blood coagulation.

It fights obesity

Obesity is also treated with this natural remedy. Persons who wish to lose weight may use a yeast cure: three teaspoons a day, on an empty stomach, for 20 days in a row.

Chrome found in yeast reduces appetite and sweet cravings, therefore yeast can be beneficial even for persons who suffer from diabetes.

It assists in anti-cancer treatments

Various studies have proven that beer yeast is beneficial in treating malignant tumors. In patients who underwent cytostatic treatment and simultaneously received 6 teaspoons of beer yeast a day, the chemotherapy didn’t have as severe side effects as in case of patients who didn’t receive yeast.
This is the conclusion drawn by a group of doctors in Munchen, who studied the beneficial effects of beer yeast for 15 years.

It treats psoriasis

Beer yeast cure is efficient in the treatment of psoriasis as well. In this case, a 30 day treatment is needed, 3 teaspoons of yeast a day. The beneficial effects are immediately noticeable on the surface of the skin if the dose is increased to 4 teaspoons a day.

The effects according to the patients’ age

The benefits of beer yeast include speeding up growth in children, as yeast has an important role in strengthening the bones. The dose for children between 8 to 14 years of age is two teaspoons a day, for 21 days per month.

In the case of teenagers, yeast cures consist of administering two teaspoons of yeast per day for 10 days each month. Beer yeast helps mental development and combats emotional instability caused by hormonal disturbances.

In the case of adults, this remedy supports physical and intellectual exertion, and it is a wonderful remedy to soothe nerves. A tablespoon of yeast should be taken once a day for 10 days a month.

For the elderly, beer yeast therapy, two tablespoons a day, helps fighting degenerative diseases.

Options for administration

Yeast can be consumed mixed with fruit and vegetable juices or honey depending on everyone’s own preferences. Mixed with various kinds of tea such as cranberries, cumin or anise, yeast fights bloating.