Attractive garden light ideas

With the beginning of the fall days become shorter, and it happens more and more often that we arrive home in the dark. Here are some simple and decorative ideas to light up the garden.


Bright balls

These balls, useful and decorative at the same time, can be bought from larger home décor and garden centers as well as from web stores. Besides the ones that need to be plugged in or need batteries, sun powered lamps are also available.


Lit-up paths

It is worth to light up the patio railing or the path, as this way we won’t step off the covered area into the mud or the water. These lighting solutions need more elaborate planning and execution, so they probably should be done by a professional.


In modern houses

If our home is modern and it features clear lines, we should make sure that lighting fits the style of the house. The solar powered light squares work well as seats, and they project interesting forms onto walls.


As decoration

Fortunately, today we can buy many kinds of solar powered lighting devices that work even during snowy days. In order to choose the right shapes, it’s worth taking into consideration the attributes of the plants surrounding them.

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