An architectural wonder: this is how Medina is protected from the heat with these umbrellas

For Muslims, the second most sacred place after Mecca can be found in Saudi Arabia, and it is none other than the town of Medina. This is where the shrine of the prophet Mohammed, sometimes called the dome of the prophet, can be found.

The place is a very important spot for pilgrimage, as it is situated close to Mohammed’s house, and it is considered sacred, so only Muslims can enter it.

In order to make the heat more bearable, 260 huge umbrellas were erected to keep shade for the pilgrims. The umbrellas are a sight to see, as they need about three minutes to open or close completely. They are open in the morning and closed towards the evening once the heat becomes more bearable.

The giant parasols were created by the German designers at SL-Rasch and by the German company SEFAR. The designers made sure that the style of the umbrellas fits the style of the minarets.

The giant parasols cover a total of 143,000 m² and they make the impression for the pilgrims that they are walking in a giant hall.

The umbrellas were made from a material that screens harmful UV rays but allows some light to come through. They are fire resistant and wind resistant, and repel the tiny grains of sand blown about by the wind. Also, they make the temperature underneath 8° less than outside, which is a huge comfort for pilgrims.

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