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Apricot jam without preservatives

Apricots are delicious both fresh and preserved. When you make jam, you may use smaller size fruit as well, the most important is to have them well ripened. In this case, you can resign to the traditional 1:1 ratio of fruit and sugar. In fact, you can go as low as one part sugar to four parts fruit. Of course, in this case you have to make sure that you create a sterile environment and the jars are sterile too, otherwise your jam can spoil easily.

Apricot jam without preservatives

Ingredients for nine jars

  • 370 ml jars
  • 2.5 kg apricot
  • 700 g sugar

Apricot jam without preservatives


First wash the jars and the lids thoroughly with dishwashing liquid, and rinse them well. Place them with their mouths down on a clean kitchen towel to dry. Never dry them with a towel.

Wash and pit the apricots and puree them in a blender. You don’t need to peel the fruit, as apricot skin is very thin and cooks easily. Add the sugar to the puréed fruit and boil up the jam. After it starts boiling, cook it for about 30 minutes. The cooking time can vary depending on how thick you want your jam.

Apricot jam without preservatives

After 30 minutes, remove the pot from the stove and distribute the jam in jars. When a jar is filled, screw on the lid immediately. Wrap the jars in newspaper and cover them with blankets until they cool out.

When the jars are cold, make sure that all the lids are slightly concave. If not, it means that the lid doesn’t seal property. Use up the jam in a few days, or empty out the jar, boil up the jam again and repeat the procedure of canning. Enjoy!

Apricot jam without preservatives