Andre Rieu interprets “My Heart Will Go On”, while two skaters give an enchanting performance

Everybody who loves the movie Titanic, or whose heartstrings are pulled by the title song of the movie, will find the following video simply stunning. The skating artists don’t need to be presented, as they are already well-known in the whole world.

A large rink of glistening ice lies in front of the audience. Director and composer Andre Rieu is standing in the middle of this ice stage with his violin, and starts interpreting the song “My Heart Will Go On” with great virtuosity. Under the light of the reflectors, two skaters glide onto the scene: the winners of a world championship, Aliona Savchenko and Robin Szolkowy. The gracefulness of the skaters gliding on the ice, the beauty and the originality of the choreography and the wonderful musical piece played in the background make everybody speechless.

The performance took part in Vienna, and Andre Rieu and his orchestra, as well as the skating artists captivated the audience of the city that was the birthplace of waltz. The musician travels to various places in the world, and he enchants everybody with his wonderful interpretations of classical music and the accompanying shows.

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