An amazing video recording about a family of whales

The title of the video recording below could be “A family taking a swim on a sunny afternoon”. The wonderful video was taken with a GoPro Hero 3 drone, and the happily swimming family, which makes you want to watch them all day, is a family of whales.

Photo: Capture YouTube

Photo: Capture YouTube

Two adult whales and a baby whale are enjoying their splashes in the big vast blue of the ocean. The tourists who recorded the video said that they were simply curious about how they can use a drone to record videos from high above.

Justin Edwards was taking a boat trip nearby the Hawaiian Islands, when he noticed a group of whales swimming by, and he decided to record the unforgettable event. The whales are entertaining their audience with acrobatic jumps in the crystal clear water, and the spectators can enjoy the playfulness of the baby whale frolicking happily, but always swimming close to its mother.

The song added to the video is a perfect fit for the extraordinary sight.

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