An amphibian caravan that can fulfill two dreams at once

How many times during your travels you wanted to enjoy the comfort of a camping trailer and a cruise on a lake at the same time? If until now you thought this is not possible, now your dream can be fulfilled with the caravan presented in the video.

The film begins with the image of a car that pulls a trailer behind him. The surprise comes when it is driven towards a lake and instead of being parked on the shore, it continues its trip on the water.

The amphibious caravan was designed by Daniel Straub, a German inventor and designer. It is constructed of fiberglass and reinforced plastic, and it is equipped with an electric engine that can propel the amphibious caravan with a speed of 9 km per hour. Furthermore, the roof of the caravan can be opened to allow the sunlight in.

An incredible and highly effective invention!

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