This amazing artist illustrate with sand scenes from Titanic

Beautiful love stories are printed on the pages of books or recorded on movie reels. We would have never thought that such stories can be illustrated in sand and emotions can be expressed so vividly with the aid of this medium. 

This amazing artist illustrate with sand scenes from Titanic

Photo: YouTube

The Chinese artist in the video impresses us with his extraordinary talent of drawing beautiful images into a layer of sand. With amazing artistry, he spreads sand onto a transparent table lit with a projector from underneath, and he uses light strokes to illustrate the story. The light makes the images drawn in sand as realistic-looking as possible.

This time the artist chose to illustrate scenes from Titanic. The performance is accompanied by the song My Heart Will Go On played in the background, which creates a magical atmosphere.

The images are changing as if by magic in logical succession. It takes our breath away as we look at newer and newer scenes of the story being born. This amazing artist manages to take us to a world of wonder and love in five minutes.

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