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After consuming only foods high in sugar, he experienced something really shocking

An Australian man wanted to try and see what happens to his body if he consumes only foods rich in sugars for 60 days.

After consuming only foods high in sugar, he experienced something really shocking

Damon Gameau is a film producer and an actor. One day he decided to do an experiment with sugar, and records it in a video. The movie was presented in Australia in February this year, and it is simply entitled ‘That Sugar Film’.

When Damon was halfway through the experiment, he already started to experience some symptoms related to excessive sugar consumption. Shortly after that, his doctor warned him that a high sugar intake has a negative impact on the liver, and that daily consumption of a quantity of sugar amounting to 40 teaspoonfuls might result in liver failure.

Most soft drinks contain very high amounts of sugar, which is worrying, because young people in the United States drink a lot of flavored and sweetened soft drinks, with a daily dose of sugar that may approach 40 teaspoonfuls. In the case of adults, the situation is not much better, either: Americans on average consume 20 teaspoons of sugar per day, which is very high considering that the daily sugar intake should not exceed 9 teaspoonfuls in males and 6 teaspoonfuls in females; in fact, some food experts consider even these doses excessive.

Surprisingly, among all high-sugar foods in Damon’s diet, the majority were foods that most people consider healthy, such as low-fat yogurt, energy bars, cookies and cereals made with whole grains, as well as fruit juices, which many parents are so keen to give to their children.

The filmmaker recalls that at the beginning of the experiment he already began to feel the destructive effects of sugar, both mentally and physically. He began to gain weight, and his intellectual capacities started deteriorating. Also, despite eating a lot, he was constantly hungry.

Damon claims that 80 percent of the foods you eat daily contain sugar. His goal is not to convince everyone to stop eating sugar; instead, he would like to draw our attention to the fact that a lot of sugar can cause a lot of health problems, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, dental caries, depression, poor immune system, and even cancer.