After 73 years of marriage, a husband sings a last song to his gravely ill wife. This is what LOVE means!

An endless love held Laura and Howard together for 73 years. Now, when Laura is gravely ill, and is probably living her last minutes in this life, her husband declares his love to her with a song that had a great significance in their marriage.

Erin Solari, the granddaughter of the old couple, was lucky enough to capture this incredibly emotional moment. Her grandfather is standing beside his wife, who is lying on a hospital bed, he caresses her gently, and sings to her a love song – the very same love song that soothed her pain when her husband was away during the Second World War. Entitled “You never know”, the song was originally sung by Rosemary Clooney and Harry James. The old man sings along from all his heart, with his voice trembling.

In these moments, when both of them remember the story of their love, the words they say to each other are incredibly touching. Howard, 92 and Laura, 93, are not enjoying the physical health of their youth anymore, but this fact doesn’t stop them from communicating to each other the love that united them for a lifetime.

Laura can’t see the loving eyes of her husband, as she is nearly blind, and all she can see is shadows and lights. Howard has lost most of his hearing ability, so he can’t hear the words uttered by his wife. But nothing can stop them from feeling the same love for each other they had felt for the past seven decades.

It leaves us speechless to realize the strength of the love that has united them. Their family is around the old couple in these difficult moments, when they need their support the most. The video will surely leave you speechless.

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