An adorable baby is fighting off sleep

Why are babies so cute? For the simple reason that they cheer up every single moment of a parent’s life. This little one, called Leo, won’t allow himself to be conquered by the sleep fairy. He tries with all his strength not to fall asleep, and his mom’s laughter helps him stay awake.


Every time the baby’s beautiful eyes open, the mother smiles and he smiles back with that wide happy child-smile. The facial expressions of the child are adorable – now the bright smile, and then the moody grimace.

Over the coming years, this recording of the adorable moments, charged with priceless emotions, will be cherished by the parents.

Nothing in the world compares to unconditional love for a child. The mother strokes his face, and the baby feels great. Relationship between a mother and a child can’t be explained – it’s a miracle! A child manages to make us adults forget about their worries and all negative things in life. They are our relief, happiness and love.

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