According to a new study, men only become fully mature by the age of 54!

According to a study performed at Manchester University, nowadays men reach material and emotional stability, that is, an appropriate level of maturity only by the age of 54. In the past this took place around 40 years of age.

Men’s greatest fears and uncertainties are related to starting a family and advancing their career.

A study involving a thousand men revealed that the fear from balding comes right after concerns regarding the family, the career, and a stable home.

According to the survey, men mature completely by the age of 54; by this time most of them will own their own home, will have repaid all their loans, and their family life will be stable. Nowadays, the time of having children has shifted as well: men are 32 years old on average when their first child is born.

The authors of the survey say that this phenomenon may be due to the fact that men are much more demanding with themselves than before, and society also poses higher standards.

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