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A touching short film that celebrates women’s strength and perseverance

This film tells a touching real life story about a young and very hard working woman, who must miss work every single Friday for a reason she wouldn’t divulge to anyone. Her boss visits the girl at home to find out the real reason for her absence, and the shocking truth is discovered.

Source: YouTube
Source: YouTube

Wacoal, one of the oldest underwear producing companies in Thailand, redefines female beauty by bringing into evidence the difficulties women encounter daily.

The short film was produced in cooperation with CJ Works Publishing Agency, and it is a part of the advertising campaign with an extremely suggestive title, “Beauty Inside”. Aom is a young woman who struggles to fulfill her obligations at work and her duties at Thammaporn Children’s Foundation directed by her mother.

When Uracha Thammaporn dies, the girl resigns to her job to take over the leadership role at the foundation and to continue her mother’s work, that is, to immerse her whole self, body and soul, into the rearing and education of children.

This touching story makes us understand the extraordinary sacrifice that Aom needs to make in order to help the children in her care grow and to ensure a better future for them; these ideals represent something infinitely greater than a workplace.