A three-minute foot massage per day that will invigorate you completely

Your feet carry your weight throughout the day, take you from point A to point B, and they are ready almost in any situation to aid you in carrying out various activities: getting on ladders, driving your car, maintaining your balance and so on. Unfortunately, feet receive very little attention; instead, they are squeezed into uncomfortable shoes and unhealthy socks.

A three-minute foot massage per day that will invigorate you completely

Photo: Rick Poley/Capture YouTube

The following video teaches you how to pamper your feet. All it takes is a 3 minute massage session to get rid of the sense of discomfort caused by tired and hurting feet, and to refresh your body and soul.

The routine was developed by Rich Poley, and it consists of nine steps. All you need to do is to start the video and follow the instructions.

1. Sit comfortably and place your feet up within easy reach.

2. Warm up one foot at a time by stroking it from the toes to the ankles.

3. Massage your feet from the toes to the heels and ankles with kneading motions.

4. Gently twist and massage your toes.

5. With your thumbs, massage the sides of your feet. At the same time, use your fingers to massage the upper part of your feet.

6. Repeat the same technique as in step 5, but use circular motions instead of pressing.

7. Concentrate on the ankle area. Press and massage thoroughly.

8. Repeat step 3. Massage and squeeze your feet thoroughly.

9. With crooked fingers, tap the soles and the upper part of your feet.

That’s it. After you are finished pampering your feet, you should take a walk. You will feel invigorated and your feet will seem much lighter.

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