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A surprise prepared by the bridegroom for his bride

In every wedding, the most important dance means the bride and the bridegroom dancing together. In this case, however, every guest and especially the bride were surprised by a spectacular and original dance. Nobody expected the bride and his six men of honor to be the protagonists.

Source: Capture YouTube
Source: Capture YouTube

Brian surprised his new wife with an amazing and very creative choreography, which needed a lot of courage and inspiration on his part. The bridegroom turns with his back to the bride, puts on a hat, and, suddenly, he starts a fantastic interpretation to the rhythms of “Baby” by Justin Bieber.

The young man and his men of honor start a choreography that seems to belong to the concerts of the famous singer. Every movement seems to have been learnt carefully, and even if not everything comes out perfect, the dance is very engaging from the beginning till the end; the guests are enchanted.

This dance was the most preferred moment of the wedding. You may wonder how much work these men have put in to obtain such coordination. Also, they must have had a lot of passion for the dance to turn out so amazing. This example may inspire you too to invest some creative inspiration when your own big day comes.