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A student surprises her friends with an amazing makeover

Ambush makeover is the name of a TV show in which random people are selected from the crowd in the streets, and they are given the best advice regarding a style change and transformed by professional stylists. After the painstaking work of the stylists, the selected person appears in front of an audience with his or her looks completely changed.

A student surprises her friends with an amazing makeover
Photo: TODAY/Capture YouTube

Jill Martin, the moderator, and stylist Louis Licari have chosen a young woman and transformed her incredibly. This perky young woman hasn’t cut her hair for the last five years, and during the first conversation she confessed that she would like to keep it as long as possible.

When the makeover was finished, Libby Acker entered on the scene happy and confident. There she was welcomed by her friends who had their eyes covered to make the surprise bigger. Not even Libby was expecting their reaction.

In the moment when her friends removed their blindfolds, the surprise was incredible. Everybody was very happy with the new appearance of their friend, and when Libby looked in the mirror, she was extremely happily surprised too. The transformation was indeed the best possible.