A seemingly strange procedure that creates a valuable family keepsake

Priceless family memories can be made with the aid of various craft techniques. The hands of family members clasped together and molded into a special material become a powerful symbol of unbreakable family bonds.

The idea is very imaginative and touching, and the result can serve as a gift to relatives and grandparents, or it may be kept for a lifetime, as the most precious family heirloom.

The members of the family in the video took each other’s wrists, while their hands were laid on the table. The craftsmen mixed alginate powder with water and then poured the soft mixture onto the family’s hands and left it to dry. Once the paste solidified, the family members one by one pulled their hands out from the solidified form.

A couple of last strokes were only needed, and a miracle was born. The powder is available in craft stores, so you can make your own piece of art. Of course, you will need a little help, because you will have only one free hand.
The technique is very beautiful and it creates lasting family memories.

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