A seemingly conventional ballet routine that turns into a breathtaking performance

A young woman of 21 from Dalian, China, rendered the audience breathless during her performance at China’s got talent, showing to the whole world that ballet and magic can go hand in hand. The reaction of the public and the jury were probably more appreciative than ever during the history of the whole show.


Produced by CCTV in cooperation with Canxing, this show offers a chance to people from China to exhibit their various talents to the whole nation. China’s got talent is the most watched entertainment program in the history of the Chinese television.

In the making of the show, professional production teams and an excellent jury came together, and their combined effort produced an extreme success both inside and outside the borders of China.

The 21 year old Ma Yanyan performed a ballet routine for the first time in public, and she managed to enchant everybody in the audience of the show.

The young and confident woman started ballet dancing five years ago, and she has learned her magician’s tricks from her mother, who is a professional illusionist. Mother and daughter have dreamed up the amazing performance together.

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