A man meets his lost dog again after 18 years

Joshua Edwards had one of the worst days of his life when, in 2007, eight years ago, somebody stole Duke, his pup Rottweiler from his home in Florida. The man tried everything to find his pet, and for six months he searched high and low to find Duke, but finally he gave up.

Source: Capture YouTube

Source: Capture YouTube

18 years passed since with no news about the dog, but this year on May 15 Joshua got a phone call from a company that specializes in fitting animals with chips. They told Joshua that they have a dog named Duke in their registry.
The man and his aging dog met at an animal clinic.

“I would have never thought that one day I will see him again”, declared Joshua with tears in his eyes.

In the video, the woman who found the dog speaks up as well. Maria Elena Cartaya says that she also has pets, and she wouldn’t even know what to do if she lost one of them. So she was very happy that she could help Joshua find his dog.

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