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A homeless man, ignored day by day until a stranger with a camera approached him

When daily activities and stress makes hurry more than necessary, we tend to forget that there are people who may need a moment of happiness or encouragement. Life is tough for many people, and some of these end up in the street without their own fault. Even though we tend to classify such individuals as social pariah, we can make an effort to bring a smile of happiness onto their sad faces.

Photo: Capture YouTube
Photo: Capture YouTube

An incredible moment is caught in this video. What would happen if more people did what these young people do? Three German students with a love for music and big hearts decided to do something most people would never think of.

One day, one of the students approached a curly-haired man who was sitting on the sidewalk, and he tried to strike up a short conversation, asking if he could borrow the man’s bucket he had beside him. The youngsters told the man they wanted to create a musical moment. The crowd who listened in put a coin each in the homeless man’s hat. At the end, the youngsters returned the hat to the man and said goodbye, for sure heading to a different place to do something charitable.

Considering by the thankful expression on the homeless man’s face, he was deeply touched by the gesture of the three young people. The charitable act was applauded by the walkers-by as well. The students have started a project by which they encourage everybody around to stop for a moment and think about those to whom fate wasn’t very generous. Great job!